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AGR Updates: Happy 50 subs everyone! Thank you for support! | New overhauled thumbnails in my channel! | New video coming soon! | It's NOT Fun in the Philippines has 169 likes! Thank you! | MebiByte Gaming now 1 year old! | Stay safe, Ukrainians! | I'm looking for a web hosting service that can host websites and compatible with 30 year old browsers, AGR Classic for Win95 will come soon! | My rating for the new Fairly OddParents reboot: Disappointing. My rating on the Cuphead Show: Decent, but I watched 2 episodes so... | Fun fact: This website is made possible by a Windows 98 virtual machine and Microsoft FrontPage 98. | Leave Twitter and touch grass people | Putting yourself in an anime/manga is a sign of not having friends and/or not touching grass. | EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings now on Nintendo Switch Online service! | A month left before Kirby: The Forgotten Land's release | Who's excited for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the movie)?

Welcome to AGR Classic!

Welcome to my blog in Neocities! If you want the modern one, click here.

Hello there and welcome to my website in classic form! This website hosts other things besides my blog like projects or etc.

I mainly focused on retro computing and games, game development and stuff. Check out my thoughts in my blog, or check out other fun stuff in the navigation bar. Ciya!

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